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Course: Origins™

Create the right balance in your life!

Introduction to Origins™

Create the right balance in your life!

Everyone knows the feeling; overwhelmed, stressed, distracted, and looking for meaning in our lives. Have you lost sight of the big picture and nd yourself stuck in daily routines and personal dilemmas that don’t seem to bring any joy and happiness to your life? Breaking through these patterns is not as easy as it might seem. We do recognize the feeling but how do we break these patterns? How to re-learn to live, to create the happiness and balance in our lives that we all seek?

Origins™ provides a way out by teaching you how to experience yourself again. We offer you easy to understand and yet highly effective tools to regain control of your life. Ultimately everyone determines their own life; we just need to take responsibility for it. Let’s be honest, if you feel comfortable in your own skin aren’t you so much more pleasant to be around?

Everything changed—NO, I changed. My job has become stress free. I see people & situations more clearly. I am so much lighter in spirit. I smile a lot more.

Origins Participant, Professional

What is Origins?

As our life evolves we develop an identity. This identity is influenced by many of life’s experiences that we are confronted with, such as our childhood, parents, education, environment, successes and failures. When we were just children we were a lot less concerned about all of the things that negatively influence our lives now. The exercises in Origins™ give you the possibility and capability to look at the world from the viewpoint of Omni-presence™, without judgments, negative reactions and self-sabotaging beliefs.

As soon as this capacity is part of you once again, it’s rather easy to adjust the path of your own life and shape your future. You are in control again. You learn to appreciate the small things again, to better understand and connect with others and influence our destiny in a positive way.

What can I expect from Origins?

By experiencing Origins™ you develop a way to transform everyday circumstances in a positive way, for both yourself and for other people that you touch. You create a balance between the feeling, emotional half of you and the rational, intellectual side. A natural byproduct of Origins™ is a heightened level of Emotional Intelligence with the self-awareness to recognize the source of emotions as they emerge within us and the empathy and intuition to help others through their lives.

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What Skills Will I Master in Origins?


Awareness begins with just placing our attention on an object and keeping it there. When it wanders, we learn how to gently bring it back, gaining more and more focus. Being able to control one’s attention is the foundation for any discipline with the goal of training the mind. After mastering simple objects we move into less tangible areas such as archetypes and memories. We finish the first section with the initial awareness of your own body.


Observing is the act of seeing what is really right in front of you. It is being aware of the nuances that often go unnoticed. It is looking at life without blinders, or rose colored glasses for that matter. It is seeing what is, as it really is, not what we want it to be or what we think that it should be or what others tell us that it is. In this section we introduce Mindfulness and begin to adopt it as a
state of being that grows into Omni-presence™.

Filters™ and De:Filtering™

Filters are all of the opinions, judgments and beliefs that get in the way of our perception of what is really happening. They are the beliefs that we have adopted either consciously or more often unconsciously, that determine how we experience the world. In this section we learn how to De:Filter™ the world around us, becoming aware of the difference between our Filters™ and the person, place or thing being experienced.


As Origins™ unfolds it builds on what has come before it. In the “present moment” with the control of our attention, observing without Filters we begin to perceive life as we have never known it. We sense our connectedness with everything and everyone around us, in a state of joy that cannot be defined by words. In this section we introduce Omni-presence™, a state of being, in the present moment, mindful and aware of all that is, without being subject to it.


Appreciation is a gift that you share with both yourself and the world. It is the extension of unconditional love without Filters, to everyone and everything that we encounter. It is the kind of pure love that you would feel for a newborn child. Appreciation is a frequency that the universe responds well to; it draws positive people and experiences into our lives. It is the missing link that makes the Law of Attraction™ actually work for us.


Illumination is the culmination of Awareness, Observing, De:Filtering™, Perceiving and Appreciating into a State of Being that we seek to live as. Illumination is not only something for yourself but something that you can share with the world to make it a better place. At this waypoint in your journey you could be described as glowing and others will begin to notice something quite different and want to know how you have grown so profoundly in such a short time.


Manifesting is all about creating the life that you would like to live. I am sure you have heard about the Law of Attraction™ or the Secret™, Manifesting is a pathway to actually getting there. Obstacles, or Impediments as we call them, surface as you are now able to Illuminate them; they no longer remain hidden from you, obscured by Filters. Manifesting what you want to experience becomes more effortless and joyful.

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