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Success Story: Jolanda & Ricardo

Origins™ Course Partipant, 2012



Jolanda & Ricardo’s Success Story

This week, this course was as relaxing, as it was exciting. Relaxing in “just be”, do the exercises to be aware, to perceive, to appreciate, even though the exercise itself was not always easy. But it felt good and comfortable to grow in what we did. To be aware gave me a nice flow in the mind, a lot of space, and it was relaxing the mind. Being the energy of other things or animals is a part that must grow by doing it more and more… but I made a start by feeling it.

After three days the course became more intense for me. Not only because of the exercises, but also by being together all day—and sometimes “my ego” just wanted “some time of her own”… “be quiet and look at the other side” I’d tell her. It was a little fight going on inside me.

When we were appreciating each other it felt very comfortable to send the energy and to feel the energy in return. There was compassion and love and it felt safe for me—that’s important to me. I really get connected now with the Manifesting. I had my own Journey of thinking and feeling. I struggled in the beginning, but finally had a beautiful Manifest where I felt big issues become smaller and smaller.

To me Origins has become a way of life since I attended the five day journey that brought me so much closer to myself than ever before. By first mastering the basic skills needed to shift into second gear, already numerous magic things happened. Of those, the realization of all the filters I placed on almost everything, without taking the responsibility for them was just one. The ability of being able to alter that and the space it creates after doing so, is another. The first three days gave me the possibility to look at the world around me without any judgment, as with the eyes of a child. Also it made me realize the beauty of all the things that I normally wouldn’t pay much attention to.  To really perceive a flower or an animal felt like a new connection with those creations around me. That to me already proved to be a great and valuable insight!

When we shifted gears on the fourth day it became clear that those basic skills all together were actually not separate skills but more a single movement, almost like a breath. That breath is called Illumination and proved to be a most powerful tool to counter almost every challenge or problem that one might meet in daily life. Often a situation is only as big as the amount of energy we put into it or how much we are attached to it, or seemingly involved. By illuminating those situations, beliefs or assumptions it became clear to me what I was actually doing almost all day long; on a conscious or subconscious level I was living in a self-created reality, like in a story. That awareness has resulted in me making other choices and looking at the world around me in a different way than ever before. A question like “What have I got in this situation” is becoming almost as normal as walking.

On the fifth day we started to learn to Manifest what I would call a desired situation. Being able to say out loud for instance that “I create my life”, not being bothered by old beliefs or obstacles, felt like an immense and intense release of energy and power. And that was just the start. After that day I adopted another new question; “Why would I be creating this situation?”

At the end of Origins I realized that the name Origins was not just chosen because it sounds nice. It really took me so much closer to my origin than ever before, further than I could have imagined. I am taking the full responsibility of my life now, trying to create the life I choose and enjoying every moment of it. I don’t judge other people anymore. I am only, but also nothing less than, the judge of my own creations. And I am doing so with a big smile and an open heart!