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The Toolkit

Choosing and customizing the right path for you & your company

Finding The Path That’s Right for You

Illuminated Pathways offers a broad spectrum of cultural options. Our experience shows that cultural change is a top down process to start. Yet once you begin the process it will become organic with leaders emerging at all levels in your company. The chart below maps and correlates different aspects of culture as drawn from a variety of sources we employ.

In our journey we found there is consistency and agreement among a wide range of cultural sources about progressive levels of growth. In many ways these are adapted from the classic Maslow Hierarchy of Needs to reflect realities of modern business.

Consolidated Resource Model

We see a confluence of thought and approach that really leaps off the pages when considering Tribal Leadership, Leadership Agility, and Barrett’s values based model.. We have seen how blending these ideas and applying them in a willing environment creates a high performing company.


The Cultural Stage

Adapted from Tribal Leadership, cultural stages are identified by language, behavior, and awareness levels. When introduced into a culture, the Tribal Leadership model creates a language set that lets people identify and communicate about individual and corporate behaviors. It places positive growth concepts top of mind and in daily use.


Leadership Level

In Leadership Agility the onus is on self awareness and continual growth. Starting with senior management, a 360 review level sets that self view. When your team gives you honest (and anonymous) feedback it removes any illusions. It also identifies a roadmap to improvement.

As the 360 process moves throughout your management team you will see improvement almost on a daily basis. Because Leadership Agility provides a structured approach based on understanding where you are, identifying where you want to go, and giving you and your team the tools to get there.


Cultural Values

Underlying and supporting any culture are shared core values. We help you identify what you want as core values. We test those values with your entire company to determine where reality bends away from the ideal. We then help you align your values based on that feedback.