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Corporate Cognizance

A unified field of corporate culture

Corporate Cognizance™

Our definition of Corporate Cognizance™: a unified field of corporate culture that brings shared single perception (collective consciousness) based upon a shared frame of reference (noble cause / core values).

Corporations and companies are anti-entropic. They build order and structure in a world that often seems to be spinning out of control. As companies evolve they move through the six stages of tribal leadership. Some companies get stuck at lower stages and never get the rewards that go with higher achievement and growth.

Corporate Cognizance exists in all companies. There is a shared consciousness among all stakeholders in a company. The value and power of that cognizance is directly related to the company’s culture level. If my culture is mean spirited and cheap the Corporate Cognizance will be fractured and dispersed.


How do we build Corporate Cognizance™?

It starts with the individual. There appears to be an upward drive in human beings that manifests itself in growth and creating new stages. It also appears that we don’t see things as they are. We see them through the filter of previous experience (or competition). If we could see things as they are, i.e. increase our awareness, we would interact with our environment rather than react to it.

Increased awareness, or consciousness, helps us be present with people and circumstances we are facing in the moment rather than ruminating about the past, projecting into the future, or otherwise being carried away by sensations, feelings, thoughts or judgments. When we are truly present the chance for miscommunication or emotional interference decreases substantially.

Conscious awareness is an essential element in building corporate cognizance, bridging different perspectives and cultures, engaging stakeholders and sustaining collaboration. All of which are increasingly important if we want to evolve our culture to Stage 4 and beyond.