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Temperature Check

Define the starting point of your leadership and cultural transformation

Defining Your Organization’s Culture

Objective feedback about how your leadership and your culture are perceived is an eye-opener and a great starting point. At illuminated Pathways we begin with a Temperature check. This consists of: 1. a Leadership Agility 360 Degree Assessment of senior management, 2. a company wide Cultural Values Definition and Assessment. Combined, these actions define the starting point of your leadership and cultural transformation.

Leadership Agility

Managers grow through a series of predictable, learnable “agility levels” based on well‐documented stages of personal development. The Leadership Agility 360 feedback assessment identifies where managers are in this developmental process.

As managers grow through levels of leadership agility, they evolve from tactical problem‐solvers into strategic managers, and then into farsighted, capacity‐building leaders, always retaining the skills they gained at previous levels.


360 Degree Assessment Process

We start with a face to face meeting to discuss the 360 process. You decide who you want to be on the team that gives you feedback, then recruit these colleagues to participate. As part of our orientation meeting, we give you a Development Planner to help you digest and interpret your feedback and think about its implications.

Using online tools, the team of colleagues you selected give anonymous feedback about you in key behaviors. We review their feedback, create PDF reports, then share those with you prior to our formal debrief sessions. Feedback is anonymous and completed within a 10-day window.


Get Feedback

Leadership Agility 360 provides feedback in three key area:

  • How you conduct yourself in important conversations.
  • How you exert leadership in teams that report to you – or that you work with in a cross-functional manner.
  • How you go about trying to improve the functioning of the organization that reports to you, or of which you are a part.


Conduct a self-evaluation of your leadership behavior.

  • Review self-assessment
  • Understanding the self-assessment
  • Compare team members assessment with your own..

Development Planner

Complete Development Planner in preparation for first debrief session:

  • Review your Development Planner.
  • Analyze and understand feedback.
  • Draft Leadership Development Action Plan that identifies three key behaviors to work on.

Final Debriefing

Final debrief meeting consists of:

  • Hold feedback debrief conversations with your manager. Finalize Leadership Development Action Plan.
  • Review opportunities to work on target behaviors, while carrying out key leadership initiatives.
  • Prepare for “enrollment conversations” with key stakeholders, including direct reports.
  • Begin coaching process.

Cultural Values Definition and Assessment

Our Cultural Values Assessment maps the values of your organization. It uses survey methodology to determine both individual personal values of members of your organization and their identification of the organization’s current core values. By mapping both, we identify strengths and limitations within your company. We then develop action plans to exploit the strengths and address the limitations. Aligning values and behaviors with Tribal Leadership cultural stages and Leadership Agility levels allows us to use those values to determine the status and health of an organization.

All values and behaviors can be assigned to one of the six Tribal Leadership cultural stages. What we focus on in our lives reflects our individual awareness. What an organization focuses on reflects the collective awareness of individuals making up that organization. By identifying group values and behaviors, we can measure your company’s
awareness and map their values to the six stages.

IP Map

How Cultural Value Assessment Works

We ask all people in your company to complete a values questionnaire. Each person is asked to choose from a list of values, the top ten they value as individuals, the top ten they see in the current company culture, and the top ten they desire the company culture to show.

All values are associated with one of the six Tribal Leader Cultural Stages. The results are plotted on a grid like the one on the right.

IP Map